the language of things

The Language of Things: Understanding the World of Desirable Objects, written by Deyan Sudjic is a very interesting examination of art, design and commerce.

“Objects are the way in which we measure out the passing of our lives. They are what we use to define ourselves, to signal who we are, and who we are not.”

“Design has become the sometimes cynical process of making what were once serious, unself-conscious products – watches, for example, or cameras, or even cars, into toys for adults, pandering to our fantasies about ourselves, ruthlessly tapping into our willingness to pay to be entertained or flattered by our possession.”

The book is great read for anyone interested in design, or objects in general. He somewhat comically goes into the history of design, archetypes and the unconscious and somewhat manipulative dialogue that emerges between designer and design, and design and its owner. And in doing so holds up a mirror to us all.

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