lost: final season

The final season of Lost debuts Feb. 2nd, and it goes without saying that the stakes are extremely high! Fans are hungry for answers to the hundreds of questions and mysteries that have defined the series. Will they and can they possibly answer them all? Personally, I’m not sure I want all questions answered considering that the lack of concrete answers is what appeals to me the most. In any case the bar is set soo high, that I am merely requesting one thing: that they do NOT all live happily ever after!!! I do not want a “Friends” type of ending, where everything falls into perfect harmony, I want some tragedy. It can either be by death, or by some force of nature (or island, jakob or the “locke” that killed jakob) that they end up not knowing one another.

artwork by mattsoncreative

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2 thoughts on “lost: final season

  1. As long as they tell us why Libby was in the mental institution with Hurley then I’m good! That one has been bugging me since we first saw that quick shot of her at the next table from him. I hear she’s coming back this season, hopefully to answer that!
    What do you think of this season so far? I’m really not digging the folks in the Temple…

  2. fovea23 on said:

    yeah, i need to know more about libby…i was excited to hear about her and hurley and then she was gone! so hopefully we’ll hear more. but yeah, the whole temple thing is killin me! i hate everyone in that temple and i feel like we’ve spent waaay too much time in there already! to be honest, i almost turned it off the other night 😦 but i’m still hopeful, we’ll see how tonight goes.

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