There is no denying that the mustache has definitely made a comeback.  Browse any bar, college campus, or even office, and you will notice a trend that was not particularly favored even 2 years ago. Though it was a staple of 80’s fashion, which is undeniably here to stay (at least for a while), it has seen many incarnations (both in shape and mass) throughout the history of man. It is the envy of young men, both pre and post pubescent alike, for it represents manhood and bravado more than anything else can.

Curiously enough, I have also noticed that this facial hair phenomenon has somehow managed to transcend itself into the art and design world.  Walking a thin line between comedy and genius, these designers have managed to not only draw inspiration from the mustache but have helped to spread its universal appeal.  Below are a few of my favorites:


Peter Ibruegger


Shane Blomberg


Jack Spade

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