keith haring


As a child in the late 80s/early 90s it was impossible to ignore these characters. Not only did they exude life, love & unity but they were on everything from clothing, stickers, walls to posters and MTV. Although I can vividly remember this artwork on full display at that time, I have never really known too much about the artist behind the work.


I recently saw a great documentary entitled "The Universe of Keith Haring", which covers the fascinating life of the artist behind the work. Extremely influenced by hip hop and graffiti art, he made it a point to create art that was mobile and easily accessible to all. However, with that he also made it a point to express social and civil rights issues through out his work.


He was one of the first artists to open up a retail space and sell merchandise. He also collaborated with major brands like adidas and BMW. His business saavy paved the way for how many artists today sell and merchandise their own work.


He publicly announced that he had AIDS in Rolling Stone magazine and made it a point to work as feverishly as he could in his last days to create and help spread awareness for a disease which was killing young men rapidly. Painting murals in Europe just a month before his death, his artwork has truly lived on, and is still as fresh and as powerful as it was then.


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