margarita jones

I’ve recently been working at place, which is by far one of the oddest places I have worked to date. Though, I am Latino, and first generation american for godssakes, I am admittedly extremely “americanized” by most standards.  And I am seriously out of my element as I work with mostly mexican americans, who would most definitely speak to each other in spanish when I am not around. Well actually, they do speak to one another in spanish predominantly even when I am there, which is fine, considering I am pretty much fluent (though I am sure not considered so, by their standards).

Anyway, they are all really cool and friendly, and a few of them have “friends outside of work” potential. So the other night I was invited to go out with them, and as being the newbie, I felt that I should definitely join them. All I was really told was that the place was called Margarita Joe’s and that they would holler at me with more details later (not in those words exactly.)

So, being curious as fuck and not having ever heard of this place, I had to google it and find sum kind of info about it. Needless to say what I found was pretty interesting.



So obviously after reading this I had my doubts, and though my initial reaction was to implement mission: change plans! the plans ultimately fell through altogether and part of me now wishes I could have at least checked it out for myself.

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