crazy am

last night i did mad hw, had stinky workin on a paper, slept like 2 hours, only to wake up to see stinky STILL workin on said paper! after packin up my ish and already late, i headed to skool. just as im bouts to jump on the 605, i turn right on a red and get rolled by a po.

now obviously i did sumthing illegal, but really tho, not only am i clearly a broke ass as is evident by both the exterior and interior of my hooptie, but im also a student as is evident by my lovelife bag sitting next to me on the passenger side, so why not give a brotha a break!? i mean i can easily just be let off with a warning, but unfortunately my titties are just a wee bit on the small side.

so not only did the ticket process delay me an extra 15 minutes, i arrive at skool only to find out that my teacher is not here. instead there’s a note taped to the wall explaining today’s lame assignment and making it very clear that all the mad hw including the now infamous paper will be collected next week! ain’t that about a bitch.

today’s assignment:
movie poster

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One thought on “crazy am

  1. Tallulah on said:

    hahahhahaa, peepee size titties!!

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