la lupe

late night sumtime last year, i came across an extremely interesting pbs doc on the cuban singer la lupe. not only was i blown away by her immense talent and torturous life, i was also equally shocked that as a cuban i had never heard of her. while watching the doc i began to understand why that was, and how a rival singer by the name of celia cruz finally got the leg up and took la lupe’s place in cuban music history.

since viewing that doc, la lupe, her story and her music have always randomly popped into my head. this morning was just one of those random times.

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One thought on “la lupe

  1. Mr.Tone on said:

    Wow it’s a shame it took you so long to discover this wonderful singer, as a kid i once watched her perform for a whole week in the bronx at a place call El Theatro Puerto Rico with willie Colon and this young kid called Hector Lavoe. I have a few of her albums on my blog. http://www.jamzforthesoul, and all of Hector Lavoe’s

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