reunited and it feels so good

The morning after a hella debaucherous halloween party this past october, I was hit with the realization that A) i lost my camera or B) that it was jacked! In any case i immediately began morning its loss and exactly how empty my life would be without a camera which i not only loved but was with me at all times.

Cut to christmas day when i receive a phone call from the homie rudy, who was with me that night, with the news that he had found my camera in the backseat of his car. The same backseat we drunkenly combed for my camera, and the same backseat that he allegedly checked soberly. You can only imagine my excitement, afterall at this point i had fully coped and accepted that a new camera was eventually going to be purchased.

Only to add to the excitement where the pictures taken from that night. So with a week away from the new year, I would now like to present Halloween 08.

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One thought on “reunited and it feels so good

  1. You don’t need to thanks!
    Its a pleasure! I love photo so its good see all your works!

    Have a Good Year!

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