tech: beats 2.0


If you have yet to play with the Dr. Dre and Monster collab known as the Monster Beats by Dre Headphones, then you must trust me when I say they are phenomenal! (If you have not then swing by your local bestbuy) The sound is so insane that it nearly warrants the $349.99 price tag. I say nearly only because there are very few things in life which I would drop that kind of scrilla on and lets just say headphones, despite immense sound capability, is definitely not one of them.

However with that said, coming straight outta of the gate are the new Beats in-ear headphones!

Let me just say that if they are even remotely close to providing the sound, bass and clarity of its older brother than it will definitely be a contender for my gift wishlist. Allegedly the word on the street is that the sound is so big, you’ll feel like you’ve got speakers in your ears! It also claiming to be the world’s first “tangle-free earphone cables” (and those of you who work out feel me on the severity of this issue!). It also offers in ear noise isolation! and like most of the “smarter” in-ear buds, includes several different cone tips for the right fit. And at the reasonable price $149.99…you best believe i’ll at least toy with the idea of purchasing this them.

they drop in 2 weeks, and i”ll let you know as soon as they hit my store!

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