nueva musica: Kanye West


What can I say about this album? It really surprised me, it feels like his most thematic collection thus far. From the powerful album cover, a deflated balloon in the shape of a heart, each song, though synthesized and danceable, really is deep rooted in some sort of heartbreak.

I have been killin this album and I’m still not over it. Stand outs are heartbreak, coldest winter, see you in my knightmares (feat lil weezy), amazing (feat young jeezy), robocop… okay, okay so the whole album pretty much kicks ass. but pinocchio story is by far my favorite track, its prolly his deepest and most vulnerable song yet. It was recorded live in singapore, and is truly touching as he sings “Do you think I sacrificed real life for all the fame of flashing lights?”

Though I question whether his truest fans will feel somewhat alienated. This is a completely different record and is not so much a hip hop album as it is a electro pop album. Afterall 808’s is a reference to the Roland 808 and pretty much turns him vocally into a robot. In any case the album in my opinion is flawless.

2 thumbs up…so check it!

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