So I came across this comment online regarding a story about obama’s immediate actions assembling his team:

02:39 AMNov 10 2008
“Even though i voted for McCain, I am going to pray for Obama because my God commands me to….I am going to leave the door open to seek the position of President, as soon as his voters overthrow him…If i become President, this Nation will be governed by The Word of God…If you refuse to obey the Laws of The Lord Jesus, you will be deported…The gay people will be permitted to be gay, behind closed doors….I will seek godly people for office and positions throughout ALL goverment offices, especially our military…It is a must to have the most powerful military to remain a superpower….I would revise all laws to reduce our expansions of prisons…Death penalties would be imposed immediately, based on all evidence, and the testimony of two or three witnesses….There would be no more appeals , PERIOD…The money we would save on prisons would be used fro children to get the proper education, they need so they can better themselves.”

Now with the name “SpiritandPower7” aside, I, once again, find myself not at all surprised that this dude is a “christian” AND obsessed with power (as reflected by his name and words.) The fact that this mofo’s god commands him to pray for Obama, whilst he would still deport those who refused to obey the “Laws of The Lord Jesus” AND immediately impose death penalties, with no appeals mind you, is completely twisted. It seems that he, like many of his kind, conveniently forget that his lord Jesus Christ did not judge (afterall he impregnated a prosititute) and was prolly one of the most tolerant peeps out there.

The amount of intolerance and hatred out there all under the umbrella of the righteous christian bible thumpers is sum scurry shit. So just a heads up, this douche is definitely part of the majority who voted yes on 8, and he prolly lives next door to you, or even worse, me!


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One thought on “SpiritandPower7

  1. it’s truly sad to see people who really believe that they are better than others , and that their view of life is the only one that holds truth. Is it just me or why is it always a crazy religious Christian who spreads hate? Maybe they forgot the love thy brother rule! Times are only going to get worst, let’s hope our hearts over shadow our fears and we keep in my mind that were all the same, we simply come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and models. Let’s accept our differences and work together to improve the world around us for the better. Stop hate now!

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