one sign at a time

so i must say that i have tried my hardest to not blog or write about california’s prop 8, which is to ban gay marriage. the reason being that i feel with all things considered, a bad global economy, young vets still in the middle east and a dying planet, it seems completely ridiculous that this is even an issue that we are debating. are we seriously that blinded by our own religious beliefs that we can not look past whatever a damn book says to see that in an attempt to “save marriage” we are honestly trying to strip away human civil liberties!?

so, while out running sum errands on a seemingly normal sunday, i found myself driving into HG (as i do daily) when leaving the LB towne center to return home. when i noticed about 10 individuals, young and old, holding giant yes on 8 banners. now waiting at a seemingly eternal red light, it literally took every bone in my body to not start cussing these dumb fucks out. such obvious support for a prop which only spreads hatred and discrimination, had me double guessing the hatred i was feeling in return.

now ironically enough, it seems utterly humorous to see these people straight posted in HG. now for those of you who do not know of this city, let’s just say that priorities are a bit skewed. not only does this city have a profit hoarding casino and a newly built bingo club (same owner) which can obviously only exist in a high poverty level, there is an unmentioned amount of homelessness surrounding said buildings. yet, instead of trying to better the community around them, by organizing a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, or i don’t know, how about promoting the importance of education and safe sex in an attempt to break the chains which surround po folks of color, they choose to promote yes on 8.

so that was on sunday, now only adding further fuel to the fire, this evening after leaving work to a crammed night of finals prep and last minute assignments, i came across a few more of those wretched banners. and just as i was thinking, “great, more hate!!” i continue to drive only to find that the banners immediately began to double and triple, they were literally placed about 5 yards from one another on BOTH sides of the street AND the median center divider!! (keep in mind this is major public street!) you could only imagine how irate i was. this was officially the straw that broke the camels back, and the time to hesitate was through, i decided i must remove this garbage littering my neighborhood in an attempt to help spread tolerance.

so i called for reinforcement, and after some hesitation, the shit was on! with accomplice in tow, we planned our strategic move, her on sidewalk and i on the god damn median! the hunt was on. we were as stealth as ninjas, even as a popo shined his lights at us, signs in hand no less, without missing a beat we both casually waved thus sending him on his piggy way. so spirits heightened, we ventured outwards to find more of these hate filled clusters. and after tracking yet another block of homes, the time had come to wrap it up.

so here i am, dirty as fuck, filthy hands typing away at my precious mac, having yet to start any homework, and needing to be at work at 6am, and all i can think of his how on the morning of the election, we did our small part to rid the city of hatred and garbage…one sign at a time.


photo 1photo 2

total count: 52… what you know about that shite son!


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