so we finally got to see palin speak “slightly” more in-depth about what she and mccain plan on accomplishing if voted into the white house. i have to admit she did very well in terms of her overall persona: eye contact, clear articulation and she was also surprisingly funny. however i feel that ultimately the only real thing she has going for her is that whole pretty news reporter persona, the kind which grabs your attention primarily due to her attractive tina fey-like looks and secondly because she does come across as speaking directly to you, much like an evening news anchor.

aside from that, i feel that she strayed away from answering any real questions, in fact she actually said “I may not answer the questions the way you or the moderator want to hear, but I’m going to talk to the American people.” it seemed to me that she would somehow manage to deflect all questions back to the 2 issues and instead chose to speak directly to “joe six-pack” (in an annoying ass alaskan accent) solely about energy and taxes. Such deflection is a definite sign of how green and ill prepared she is to be the vice president.

for a more in-depth NPR article about the debates click here

or to view it again, just check out myspace.

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