tech thursdays: MBP

so all of you apple fans out there (myself clearly included) may know that macbook pros have been long over due for a redesign, though there have been upgrades in terms of newer chips, processing speeds, internal memory and most recently the inclusion of an iphone like touchpad, the overall design of the machine has stayed the same for a few years.

now a couple of you may know that the rumor mill is bananas as to the “alleged” (and i say this sarcastically because apple is very bad at containing any kind of secrecy related to the release of its products!) release of the new mbp. they shall be out very shortly, many are saying the announcement will be oct. 14th, but we’ll see for sure once the time comes.

but it is really not a question of will they, it is a question of when these puppies will drop! and make us OG macbook pro owners slobbering all over our outdated machines.

enjoy a couple rumored images of the new machines:

*though they are from seperate leaks…they share striking similarities, firstly you will note the black outer shell, the thinner body, a black trackpad and the imac like glass screen with black border.

**however they differ in that the first image bears a more squared body frame (similar to current generations) while the bottom image shows more of a macbook air wedge body. also the bottom image shows an interesting, though highly unlikely, dock screen image on the touchpad.

***now if the “highly unlikely” dock screen touch pad turns out to be “very likely” then holy shit! i’ll be forced to sell my soul.

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