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As I have mentioned in a previous blog sellin out, I have never enjoyed encountering music that I truly enjoy (and in some degrees love) being used in commercials to sell some sort of product. Though a part of me is immediately fraustrated and angry that a beloved artist would whore out their music in that way, I do fully understand that money is ultimately what let’s them do what they love as a profession and in doing so are stupid to not sell what they have produced, it is, afterall, a commodity. My only real issue is when the song is attached to something so completely and ridiculously uncool that in no way correlates to the music.

Essentially, a cool song needs to be paired with a cool product, and if the product is not outright cool, then the entire marketing of said product better be so fucking cool that it in turn becomes cool! In my previous blog, I compared Spank Rock’s “Bump” used in a wishbone salad dressing commercial (not cool) to Santi’s “Creator” used in the bud light lime commercial (cool enough).

Which brings me to the new Armani’s Diamonds for him. The commercial features “Slow Hands” by one of my favorite bands of all time “Interpol”. Once again upon viewing it , I immediately thought “Oh what the fuck!?”, but that quickly passed. So the commercial features Josh Hartnett getting ready for something which turns out to be some sort of event. Though the commercial itself is kinda dumb, it is by all definitions cool: the black and white styling, the idea of high society, good looks, wealth, an actual cool product paired with a really cool ass song!

All in all it is a great example of selling out in a good way. One where you get sum scrilla, more publicity and are paired with a cool brand only adding to the cool factor of both parties.

and here it is:


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