so school has been pretty much kickin my ass and as a result i have not only neglected my blog but my social life has been tremendously hindered. and so as i am literally waiting for paint to dry…it is with great pride that i bring you a fun night of debauchery (a much needed one at that) one that i was actually coherent enough to photograph.

so my coworker som who works for urb magazine is throwing these weekly parties

we all met up at his usual gig but bounced out early to check out the new venue which is not an easy feat when you have 4 seperate cars of drunkards following you. so we ended up at the future home of said parties Heat Ultra Lounge.

now the place is pretty tight. not too large but its definitely flashy. not the place i would usually attend because its seems like one of those $20 cover joints…but since we got in free it was on like donkey kong!

with drunken spirits already heightened we went straight to the bar for some jagerbombs! after sum mingling i casually turn towards the dj booth and who do i happen to spot?! no other than the homie DJ Drew Pierce himself! Muthafucka is straight cross pollinating his shite all up and down socal!

so after a quick catch up and some dancing…it was time to check out the smoking room. thank you for the ciggies tawny. so of course as drunkards usually do, cameras came out and were flashing paparazzi estilo! still waiting on those tho.

before we knew it we had closed the place down and were literally getting kicked the fuck out (and i mean that literally!) so the ciggies, convo and laughter slowly trickled outward.

mary is like a train when she drinks…tho i aint judgin. cuz im the same way.

after a seemingly long and acrobatic parking lot walk, it was time to part ways. but not before rudster could spit some iphone game!

the night was a blast, and unfortunately had to end. but as i always say nothing cures sum serious hangover like a jug of water.

those who don’t believe me, heed my warning or else…you might end up like the homie corletto!


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