Last night was one of those many many nights when I think to myself “I should just go ahead and have my digi permanently attached to my cuerpo.” There were many opportunities for some great shots, however my mental photography (tho obviously subpar to my canon) was all that I had. So the images of the vip spot at the hookah lounge, the hookah itself, the bar that followed and my favorite part of the evening: stargazing in a newly acquired friends backyard with a $400 telescope, are not available to the world to post alongside this blog, yet instead flash before me as I reflect on the evenings events.

I must admit that the plus side of not having my digi on me, is that it left me somewhat exposed, and forced me to be more involved and engaging. Where I would have probably opted to continue strolling down the streets of whittier to snap away, I actually had some surprisingly great conversations with some strangers and found myself slightly more positive in terms of my overall opinion of humanity.

good times! (tho I still wish I woulda had my digi, ha!)

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