as if i needed yet another reason to want the new iphone 3g (unfortunately i must wait till im eligible for an upgrade unless i want to pay the FULL price of the phone, damn you blackjack 2!!!)…it turns out that a company by the name of iRoticNet is one-upping playboys “iplayboy” content for the original iphone by taking advantage of the phone’s fast 3g connection and has announced plans to offer an adult video destination specifically for the iPhone 3g!

for about 10 bucks a month you will have access to huge amounts of content from many studios, including UNLIMITED access to hundreds of full length movies and more than 1000 clips, all from the comfort of the ever surmounting all-in-one device known as the iphone 3g. so much for hands free, california!

oh cruel iphone 3g, how you taunt me so, and now even moreso than before!!!

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