party bus

so my boy steve decided on a party bus for his cumpleanos this year. and after some pre-lubing at his pad, you can imagine how fucking amusing it was when it pulled up with the words “party bus” straight up posted on the front of the car…just to ensure that the drunks would not confuse it with any other bus.

birthday boy: stephen

lights, flashin

why you trying to hide with the whiteys senor patron?

a trio of drunks

sitting on a tree…k-i-s-s-i-n-g

what’s a party bus without some dancing

and “whatever” she has in that little sandwich baggie

it all got a little too messy after we landed at the club…so ill just leave you with this


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One thought on “party bus

  1. YoliRob on said:

    Looks like you had fun! nice pictures!!

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