the infrastructure will collapse

as cliched as it may sound radiohead is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. and though im still contemplating buying sum overpriced ebay tickets for their upcoming show (despite my admiration for them i’m still a broke ass with ever mounting debt!) what i saw today is definitely making my credit card itch.

i came across their new video for “house of cards” which is not only an amazing song, but as is the norm with their video history thus far, the video is amazing. turns out that no cameras nor lights were used, instead they implemented two technologies to capture 3d images: geometric Informatics and velodyne lidar. all of which basically means the director used lasers to capture the images which were then turned into data points.

and making it even cooler, google is basically promoting the video, and technology implemented in this cool website which shows you the making of and also lets you do some of your own visualization.


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One thought on “the infrastructure will collapse

  1. YoliRob on said:

    i dont want to make your credit card bill higher but if you love em so much i think you should go. You might wish you did later.

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