well unfortunately oahu has came and went. and now i find myself a bit shell shocked to be back at home and grudgingly settling back into reality. however the trip was amazing, i believe that for the short time i was there i had a great mix of tourist attractions AND actual local nightlife. you see my trip was essentially split into two vacations. this blog covers the “first” part which was dedicated and catered to the tourist in me, soaking up all the natural beauty which the island has to offer:

snorkeling @ hanauma bay

jungle expedition at kualoa ranch (where they film LOST!)

beach hopping up and down north shore

touring the dole plantation

and even hitting up waikiki beach for the obligatory souvenir shopping at the international market place

though i did miss certain attractions such as pearl harbor, kayaking, and macadamia nut banana pancakes due to the “second” part of my trip, i did see as much of the island that one could see in a 4 day period. and though it was a given that the trip would have its low points, i must say that hawaii really does live up to its hype. this trip was not only inspirational in terms of its beauty but the island itself did seem to awaken something within me that i hope will last far longer than the memories i have made. and so with that said i must add a huge mahalo, for all that i experienced during the trip.

stay tuned for v2.0


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One thought on “mahalo

  1. taoofglenn on said:

    I must say, I agree with you, although there were low points in the trip, the trip overall was great and we were so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy and witness the beauty that is Oahu and the north Shore.

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