hawaii v2.0

now here is what i have lovingly dubbed hawaii v2.0. this was the part of my trip which was definitely much more representative of actually living and partying in honolulu. and especially in terms of drinking and clubbin, was much more indicative of my estilo.

night one just so happened to be 4th of july, and so flasks in tow, and with the electricity in the air

the journey began…

introducing the breezys:

jules, sammie and cindo

starring in
honolulu nights.

a mere walk…

and a drive

and we were dancing, drinking and pretty much plastered…well some of us slightly more than others.
(this is where i would have inserted a drunk ass shot of myself, but unfortunately or rather fortunately one does not exist…so use your imagination!)

so enjoy this instead

there was so much dancing and drinking in fact, that the night is pretty much a blur…
but the morning light brought entirely new fun and adventures.

so with the sunshine shining…

we indulged in some thrift store “shopping”, mostly laughter, though some tears were shed, and of course poke!

and then the highlight of the day was the beautiful sunset at the spitting caves

the next day was pretty fucking chill…riding in the bed of sammies’s truck (which is somehow legal in hawaii, despite the irony of all the click it or ticket signs posted alongside the freeway) we got a much needed rubdown, smoked a blunt and before i knew it was time to head back to the north shore.

but not before some serious grubbage

and some more beach time.

it feels like soo much was crammed into these 2 days, that this blog could have gone on an on, but thankfully there was not enough pictorial documentation necessary to illustrate more details. but i really did have an amazing time, and made some new friends which is really what life experiences are all about.
special thanks to julie for all her hospitality.


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One thought on “hawaii v2.0

  1. YoliRob on said:

    lovely pictures yet again!! im really glad you had fun. Dont get so drunk that way you can remember the night! lol luv ya!!

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