"beer" pong

to all who have participated in this timeless tradition, it is clearly evident that the rules and actual game play differ from group to group. so in spite of the general overall objective of the game, the details should ALWAYS be clarified…so make sure you have a quick tutorial before involving yourself in what many news outlets have deemed “a dangerous and potentially lethal recreation to be proceeded with caution” (source unknown)

so after the initial set up of table, cups, alcohol (usually but not always beer), and balls of course, be sure to have someone demonstrate the ins and outs of the “real” version of beer pong.

“if the ball touches…”
“you can blow the balls…”
after you feel that you’ve fully grasped this groups version, the time should be right to begin the game.
***remember that aim is key

during gameplay you SHOULD eventually find yourself pretty inebriated, remember to enjoy it! this is the real object of the game.

…so stay hydrated if need be.

and regardless of a rematch or a “duel to the death”, please remember to always thank your host, teammates and opponents, it is only through this level of courtesy that we can maintain the integrity and safety of this recreational activity for decades to follow.

this message brought to you by the BPSNKA (Beer Pong Should Not Kill Association)…enjoy responsibly!

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