nueva musica: Scarlett Johansson

so i’ve been reading many reviews of Scarlett Johansson’s album of Tom Wait’s covers “anywhere i lay my head” and they all unanimously agree that the album is crap. i on the other hand disagree, especially considering that the actress turned singer bar is so incredibly low, and also that the idea of such an album of wait’s covers would raise the bar extremely high, the bar would obviously average to a respectable entry-level album deserving of an honest and open ear…and by that definition alone the album is a success.

the album is by no means radio friendly, it is very moody and serious with a tinge of whimsey. now musically and lyrically the album is genius…and though admittedly i have not heard too much of tom wait’s music (despite having three of his albums in my itunes) i do feel like her take on the songs is great. most of her vocals are a bit drowned in reverb type effects, but i feel that all the synthesizing and production, thanks to David Andrew Sitek, (TV on the Radio) adds an ethereal aspect to her very low monotonic voice.

after hearing the album for a couple of weeks, it has definitely grown on me, and my only conclusion for the negative reviews are that its Scarlett Johansson doing the singing, because i feel that if it would have been a nobody newcomer the album would have been praised. so i am personally giving my thumbs up to this album…if you are a fan of moody, somewhat melancholic music definitely check this out.

favorite tracks thus far: falling down, town with no cheer, fannin street, i wish i was in new orleans, fawn (instrumental)

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