mother’s day

so i have this confession to make…anytime that i am feeling particularly down (you know those days when you are at your lowest lows, the days that you ponder what the meaning of life is and exactly how you ended up where you are and why your shit is not anywhere close to where it should be..yeah those days) i think to myself well at least i don’t have any kids!

now that is not to say that i do not like children or that i necessarily believe they are evil or a killer of dreams and hopes and that having them would literally be a form of ritual suicide to what i deem to be utter “freedom”, but more so that the idea of struggling both financially and emotionally singularly is sometimes too difficult to bear, let alone coupled with the responsibility and sheer selflessness that would be required with raising another human being.

but then there are those rare moments, those moments when you actually interact with children, when you just sit down, play, listen and enter their world. the moments when you realize that those beautiful little innocent faces

really are the future, and despite how insanely annoying and spoiled they may act, they just flash you this little face with a look that you know, as well as they know, will somehow completely redeem and/or justify any amount of bullshit they throw your way…

and as you stare back down at them, you think to yourself maybe that is what life is all about.

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