american dad

pops finally did it! he has accomplished something which i know he has desired for as long as i can vividly remember and today i am proud to say that he is officially an american citizen!

i must say that watching the ceremony reminded me of how not proud i am to be an american…it really has lost its value and importance in my mind, but seeing these individuals all of whom i am sure have had their fair share of struggles and hardships in order to get to this point did honestly shine some glimmer of what america truly is, or rather it reminded me of how innocent and meaningful the words “patriotism” and “american” are when you are in elementary school studying the bullshit history that is later debunked once you actually start to study history.

but that is neither here nor there, the truth is that seeing the diversity of all of these people and watching them wave their flags did make my day and also reminded me that regardless of how shitty everything has become, and no matter what i may say about this stupid ass government..ultimately i know that i do take my freedoms and liberties for granted, and despite the fact that these may be dwindling away before my very eyes, i at least have the freedom of speech and expression as is the case with this blog.

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