coachella 2008

Partying at coachella this year was awesome. Despite the heat of the desert air, the anticipation was ever so high. Though I was extremely disappointed to find out that 4 of my favorite bands at coachella were literally on stage at the exact time! I relaxed with visions of why i was actually there after all, and when the time slot established that Portishead would be on stage at 9:15, we decided that show must go on. With that knowledge more than noted the adventure began.

Navigating through the day on a steady diet of

made the desert winds that much more enjoyable.

As we rolled, the sights and sounds became even more intense and heightened as we experienced all that coachella had to offer:

all of which became even more surreal once the sun had set.

In fact the only thing that really sucked, other than the heat was something that we all unanimously loathe

But of course this is coachella and the music is really what it’s all about and it was great!! Everyone was definitely on point. Rilo Kiley’s sexy ass Jenny Lewis was definitely working it on stage as was the notoriously talented M.I.A…both of which i did not have the opportunity to capture on digi (the explanation MAY appear on another blog.) A great surprise was actually St. Vincent’s set, amazing and flawless.

But the bar was set on an entirely different level once portishead hit the stage. The crowd went craaaazy!! Beth Gibbon’s voice was pitch perfect and just as bone chillingly haunting as on any of their albums. Needless to say that a part of me could not fully process that I was actually watching them live! This is a band that is so deeprooted into my core for many reasons, both good and bad, and seeing their set was almost overwhleming.

All in all the day was amazing. Despite missing some bands and not fully enjoying prince due to a pounding headache, this was definitely one of the funnest coachellas that i have attended. whether it was the inclusion of certain substances or the exclusion of certain people, the day will definitely become a highlight in my concert going career. Now i can only speculate about next year’s lineup…

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One thought on “coachella 2008

  1. wish i had taken so many of these pics. lelous!

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