attn: lazy christians

turns out that god’s spokesperson went postal this weekend, and decided to take matters into his own hands!

when i first got a glimpse of this hate spewing character two things rushed to mind:

firstly, how fucking inappropriate it was for this guy to position himself in a family oriented environment (on 420 of all days!) spewing his rhetoric under the pretense of what he defines as god’s judgement. when in actuality this hatred and anger is really more a reflection of his insecurities and his own sense of self judgement for not living up to some bullshit ideal and belief system which have thus far not brought him any inner peace or happiness.

secondly, and most importantly, i was completely surprised by my reaction to him. rather that my reaction had solidified a sense of maturity and understanding that i have only reached with age. had this been 4 years ago, i would have worked myself into such a frenzy that i would have probably gone up to him and given him a piece of my mind regarding his religion and judgements. after all religion, and specifically christianity, is something that i had spent several years exhaustingly discussing, debating, arguing and analyzing. yet instead, above everything else, my frustration and my anger, all paled in comparison to the sheer sadness that i felt for such a lost and angry individual.

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