sunday morning

Upon awakening from a debaucherous night of excess drinking and dancing, it became evidently clear that this sunny sunday morning warranted a walk through cin’s new hood. We  quickly decided to make this one more of a walking tour of lb through the gayborhood and into the heart of downtown. With our stony selves and cameras locked and loaded, we headed out.

(ive known her for waaaaaay too long)
Walking through the streets of lb really does provide a glimpse into the the rich diversity of the city. With many cultures and ethnicities from both ends of the economical scale living amongst one another, the city really does resemble a small beach side metropolis. As soon as one block begins to look a little shady, 
the next block provides a completely different vibe filled with its own sights and sounds.
We eventually found ourselves in the heart of downtown lb, where we came across this amazing mosaic installation. Done on black concrete walls, the artist (sadly unknown at this time) used white tiles to form giant graphic “sketches” which were simply stunning. So cameras immediately starting flashing…
(abre los ojos)
(with the weight of the world on my soldiers)

(on the ball)

Feeling satisfied with what we had seen during our nearly two hour long excursion we decided to head back for the day. With the long yet relaxing walk through lb I was once again reminded of how much I really do enjoy the sun. In a time where we practically live in our cars, and where “down the street” is universally powered by gasoline, it was refreshing to step outside and enjoy the “simplier” things in life. Not only was the excursion physically and visually stimulating it also provided me with some perspective as to the stress of life.
Ultimately life is what we make it, and though things can definitely be better, they can always be worse. And so I find myself reinvigorated with the ideas of possibility and positivity swirling through my mind… all of this thanks to a nice walk on a sunny sunday morning.
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