no end in sight-in theatres now.

After viewing this documentary, I am once again confronted with the frustration and contempt that I feel towards this administration with its incompetence, mishandling and complete disregard for information, expertise, laws and subsequent war in iraq. This film offers some substantiality to what many of us already know to be true, and in doing so will hopefully help to shine the light back onto the war and iraq.  For it is clear that the one thing we can count on is that we will be dealing with its aftermath for a long, long time. And though I am left with a somber and somewhat disillusioned sentiment regarding life, humanity, and “democracy” (which is why I find myself incapable of self disclosing my detailed sentiments), I feel that it is crucial that everyone see this film, for we all need to know exactly what this administration has and is continuing to do.

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